Paul Bisson

A multifaceted artist!


Paul’s autonomy complements his College and University studies making him an accomplished self-taught artist. His quest for musical and cultural knowledge brought him both on and back stage of the greatest and most prestigious world theaters such as New York’s Radio City Music Hall, Moscow’s Kremlin, Monaco’s Garnier Opera, Paris’ Mogador Theater, Paris Hotel Las Vegas’, Aria Center Las Vegas’, and many more…

During the eighties, following a multi-year Canadian road trip as a bass player and lead singer for many rock bands, Paul settles down in Quebec City and jumps into the world of publicity musical composition. He composed and wrote over fifty jingles and musical themes for Air Miles, Canal D, Canal Historia, Margarine Monarch, and CHOI-FM to name a few.

Born under a fiery sign, Paul suddenly decides to move his studio to Montreal. On top of many jingle creations for reputable marketing companies such as Cossette, Young & Rubicam, Bos, ect, he signs the co-composition movie soundtrack of Denise Filiatrault’s « Ma vie en cinémascope » and creates all the musical arrangements for the songs performed in the movie. He simultaneously vocally coaches actress Pascale Bussières in the main role of Alys Robi. This movie earned 9 Gala Jutra nominations.

Alongside his studio work Paul accepts a European challenge to play and sing the role of André Breton in Robert Hossein’s Musical Comedy « La vie en bleu » alternating between this role and Picasso’s one. He is soon discovered by Luc Plamondon at the Paris Mogadro Theater leading to Paul performing in the « Notre-Dame-de-Paris » as Quasimodo. During a Montreal St-Denis Theater representation Paul is spotted by the American producers of this show and decides to join their team in Las Vegas, at the Paris Hotel. Paul also sings in Romeo & Juliet, British Invasion and many more…

After going back to studio work for a couple of years, an opportunity presents itself and Paul accepts to join Cirque du Soleil, in 2005, as the Corteo Original Main Singer for over 1500 shows. A new world opens up!

In collaboration with the composer team, Paul writes the Corteo invented language and composes the corresponding melodious and vocal lines. This above and beyond contribution leads to Paul eventually writing all the lyrics for the main character Zark in Cirque du Soleil’s Zarkana. Paul additionally plays and sing that role in New York, Moscow, Madrid and Las Vegas under the direction of François Girard, the stage director.

At the revamp of the show Zarkana, in 2014, in Las Vegas, Paul was asked to fill the chair of the bass player, guitar player and piano player, and as the band leader back up player for the clown act, what he accepted for the love of music and the show.

His involvement in the circus world thrills Paul so much that he comes up with his own personal challenge : « transform a circus act into an active and emotional dance performance » … During his on-stage circus endeavor Paul, while performing 10 shows per week, manages to compose the music of more than 20 international circus acts. One of them for the « Flight of Passion » duo is awarded the Monaco Festival Golden Trophy with an honorable mention for its music.

Back in Montreal, after 4 years in Las Vegas, Paul earns the composition responsibility for the permanent MGM Asia Production’s « DESTINY » show in the brand new Macau, China MGM Theater.

Paul has collaborated, last year, as a composer for the music score of the movie “Alexandre le Fou”, film of the director Pedro Pires who has worked with Robert Lepage and Cirque du Soleil.

At the same moment, Paul composed, arranged, sang and produced all the music for the show Circo Jumbo 2019 in Santiago, Chili.

Paul Bisson, with his broad on-stage singer and multi-instrumentalist experience, his international production creations, and his forever quest for the unknown, sets himself apart as an all-around artist delivering the composition and production of musical performances, video driven soundtracks, musical themes, jingles, and ambient music that combine musicality, innovation, emotions, expressions, and interpretation.

From this loaded artistic professional journey, Paul launches in 2015, « Espressivo Music Inc » which is already known internationally …!

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